8x Asian Streetfood Restaurants in Utrecht (2024)

The spots for Asian street food are popping up like mushrooms in the ground. We’re not complaining though, we love sitting at a table full of delicious Asian bites, like spring rolls, dumplings, rice paper rolls, fried spicy chicken wings, and steamed duck buns. I’ll also happily order a delicious bowl of pho or ramen. In this post I’m sharing a few of my favorite spots for a delicious Asian evening full of street food bites and, of course, co*cktails.

An An Saigon Streetfood

The owner of the restaurant Saigon, an institution in Utrecht, thought it was time for a hip, somewhat more accessible restaurant. And thus opened, within walking distance from the first restaurant on Voorstraat, An An (pronounced Ang Ang) Saigon Streetfood. What’s the concept? You enter directly into a front room setting, like the houses in Vietnam. If you walk further, you feel the chaotic vibe of an Asian market with different squares where you can eat. The menu is quite extensive, so it can take a while to make up your mind. But you don’t have to be worried about waiting too long for your order: the kitchen is a well-oiled machine. It’s a feast at An An, and so it’s quickly become a favorite of Asian food lovers. Fun fact: An An means ‘eat eat’, and that’s what you’ll experience at An An Saigon Streetfood.

Voorstraat 23 | restaurantanan.nl

Tiger Mama

Tiger Mama, also located on Voorstraat, has a bites concept: an evening consists of 10 rounds of small Asian dishes. All with accompanying co*cktails, of course! In the basem*nt, you can stuff yourself with sushi which is prepared a couple tables away from you. It’s lovely to sit in the conservatory when the sun is shining, with a view on the fantastic bar. Tiger Mama is good for a cozy evening out for food and drinks in Utrecht.

Voorstraat 80 | review

Miyagi & Jones

Miyagi & Jones, located on Veenmarktplein, is Utrecht West’s Asian food spot! Great wall paintings, a big bar and an open kitchen decorate this cool place. They also make it difficult for you here, with 65 dishes on the menu to choose from. Begin the evening with a gin & tonic from the menu or, even better, create your own with the listed ingredients. Then just enjoy the three rounds of four dishes that are brought to the table. Thursday evening is drinks time, with a DJ and 30% off all special beers.

Veenmarktplein | review


With two locations, Kimmade is well represented in the city. The little place on Mariastraat is super popular for delicious take-out. The menu here is broad and offers good Asian dishes to bring home. On Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends, there’s usually a line up out to the neighboring shoe maker. It’s always a cozy congregation of people who want to (quickly) grab some take-out. If you want a more extensive dinner, then head to the second, much larger location on the Oudegracht. In the summer, you can sit along the canal while enjoying delicious dishes. (Tip: if you’d rather get take-out from Kimmade, order on their website. Choose a time slot and then when you come pick it up, you can skip the line.)

Mariastraat & Oudegracht | review

Yum Saap

Don’t want to go to the center, and live near Twijnstraat? Then head to Yum Saap for Asian street food. The restaurant is simply furnished with a row of tables on one side, and a little bar and kitchen on the other. Order a home made ice tea or lemonade to start. You can jot down your orders on a little menu with all dishes, then hand that in and the party can begin. About three dishes per person should be enough to begin, especially for sharing. You can always go for a second round.

Twijnstraat 40 | review


At Heuveloord, in the upcoming Rotsoord, you’ll find one of my favourite restaurants for shared dining: LE:EN. The concept is Asian Fusion, through which LE:EN takes you to the wonderful world of the Asian kitchen. The dishes on the menu have all sorts of influences, from Thai to Korean and from Vietnamese to Indonesian. For a relaxed evening of hanging out and small dishes, I always go to LE:EN. Of course, you can also dine at a table, but the relaxed vibe and the cosy couches you can disappear into are my personal preference.

Heuveloord 140| review

French Asian Kitchen (FAK)

Craving classic French cuisine, but also Asian street food? There’s no need to decide! Check out FAK on the bustling Drieharingstraat for a friendly, laidback vibe and delicious Asian bites with some French twists. This is another one with a sharing plate concept – perfect considering all the tantalizing options on the menu. They’ve got some traditional favourites like salmon sushi and crispy duck pancakes, but also some unexpectedly delicious fusion dishes. Three words: caviar French fries!

Drieharingstraat 16 |review

Streetfood Club

Even if you haven’t set foot in Streetfood Club yet, you’re likely pretty familiar with it from Instagram. So much to photograph, so little time! And it doesn’t just look good: the menu is inspired by delicious street food (surprising, I know) from all around the world, with lots of Asian goodies in there – think dumplings, rice paper rolls, and bao buns. The dishes are great to share, so you can try a bit of everything. Plus, the drinks alone are worth a trip! Fun tip: if you sit at the bar, you can watch in awe as the bartender expertly and artfully crafts delicious co*cktails.

Janskerkhof 9 |review

Sanju Ramen

Craving authentic ramen, oodles of noodles, or just comfort in a bowl? Then Sanju Ramen on the Voorstraat is the destination for you! The team pays special attention to every step in the (labor-intensive) ramen-making process so that every bowl is filled with goodness. The décor is cool and casual – perfect for a quick and delicious meal, and of course some serious slurping. The menu also boasts an array of Japanese beers and co*cktails, as well as tasty sides.

Voorstraat 29 | review

8x Asian Streetfood Restaurants in Utrecht (2024)
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