17 X best restaurants in Utrecht to try and test >> (2024)

There is no shortage of good restaurants in the city, so it was about time to list the best restaurants in Utrecht. It was already buzzing with eateries, but now, Utrecht is a great place to go if you’re looking for fine dining restaurants. There is something for everyone, and in this list of the best restaurants in Utrecht, you will find options for every budget, whether you are in the mood for an extensive menu from the chef or a table full of tasty snacks to share!

Planning a day of shopping in Utrecht? Or even better: are you going to spend a weekend in the city of Dom? Good choice! I always find the city so cosy with the terraces along the canals. There is also no shortage of good restaurants in Utrecht. From true classics that have been around for years to new hip hotspots where you want to go just for the Instagram-worthy interior. Read on for our favourite best restaurants in Utrecht and enjoy your meal!

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© Hemel & Aarde

17 X best restaurants in Utrecht to try and test

Hemel & Aarde: We went here for the first time during the lockdown and enjoyed the delicious menu in our hotel room. The first thing we said to each other: this place is going for a star. It won’t surprise me if they win one in the near future. The focus here is on cooking with the best products the earth has to offer. By far one of the best new restaurants we ate at last year. Would you like to stay the night? You can do so at Hotel The Nox in the same building.
Keistraat 8, Utrecht – hemel-aarde.nl

The Streetfood Club: Thecrazy pink interior alone makes you want to get to know this brunch and street food hotspot. The Streetfood Club is the hotspot in Utrecht at the Janskerkhof. There is a luxurious co*cktail bar with DJ, an urban jungle and a bright pink room. But the food is also well-thought-out. The extensive menu includes dishes such as dim sum, spring rolls, tacos and ceviche. Most of the dishes can be shared, which is a good thing, because this is one of those places where you want to try as many dishes as possible.
Janskerkhof 9, Utrecht –thestreetfoodclub.nl

Cerveceria Boulevard: Cerveceria Boulevard offers Basque-style Spanish food in a warm, light, Mediterranean atmosphere. You can find Spanish sandwiches, different kinds of cheese, cold cuts and a wide range of beers, wines and other drinks. But the pintxos (snacks on a stick) are the number one choice: from Spanish ham and Manchego, to special pintxos with Pata Negra, goat’s cheese and honey or with grilled tuna, wasabi cream and seaweed. Whether you come for a cosy drink with friends or a romantic dinner, at Cerveceria Boulevard, you can enjoy Spanish flavours and cosiness every night. That is why this hotspot cannot be missed on the list of best restaurants in Utrecht.
Burgemeester Reigerstraat 45, Utrecht – boulevardutrecht.nl

Vegitalian: ‘A tavola non si invecchia’. This beautiful Italian saying means ‘at the table, you don’t get old’. With good company and good food, you never waste a single moment. An old Italian philosophy, which is embraced with love at Vegitalian! And if there is one more thing they want to add to this tradition here: eat consciously. That is why everything they serve here is vega(n). They work with sustainable suppliers and use local products and organic ingredients as much as possible. Many people take small steps. Vegitalian believes that this is the future! And we believe in Vegitalian.
Schoutenstraat 17, Utrecht – vegitalian.nl

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© Vegitalian

discover more restaurants in Utrecht

Ruby Rose: Ruby Rose is a wine and food bar with a fantastic interior with lots of beautiful prints and a gigantic bar in the middle. There is an infinite amount of good wine, and the kitchen serves everything you like. The menu mainly consists of Mediterranean dishes that you order to share. Everything is served with a sense of simplicity, but always with a bang of flavour. Think beautiful hams from the cutting machine, oysters, burrata, escargots, fruits de Mer, carpaccio with fresh truffle, risotto, cheeses, pasta and small pizzas. Perfect for a drink with friends or a long dinner on a date night. All this is served in a unique location; a beautiful Jugendstil building from 1904 on the Korte Jansstraat that was initially built as a flower shop, something that is definitely reflected in the interior and the prints used.
Korte Jansstraat 23, Utrecht – rubyrose-utrecht.nl

Koenraad: At Koenraad, you will find no fuss, because here they go back to basics. No hypes and trends, but just a good night out with good food and beautiful wines. Koenraad is located on the Voorstraat since 2019 and is therefore still fairly new in Utrecht. The ingredients and also the drinks are sourced as much as possible from local soil. There are several nice corners to sit, but the bar for drinks and food remains a favorite, just like the corner by the fireplace.
Voorstraat 14, Utrecht – koenraadutrecht.nl

Tiger Mama: This Asian restaurant with its crazy green interior is the place to go for tasty sushi and dim sum. Or go for the changing ten-course menu with fish, meat and vegetarian dishes from Asia to share for less than €30 per person.
Voorstraat 80, Utrecht – tigermama.nl

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© Tiger Mama, Utrecht

More restaurants you want to try in utrecht

Fico Urban Italian: One of the city’s newer fine dining restaurants with modern Italian-inspired dishes. And believe me, you will want to dine extensively here with a four to six-course menu. Reservations are a must, because Fico is one of the best restaurants in Utrecht!
Veilinghavenkade 14, Utrecht – ficoutrecht.nl

WT Urban Kitchen: The former water tower on Rotsoord is now home to WT Urban Kitchen. Highly recommended for lunch with a spectacular view, but also after dark, the view over the city remains magical. Perfect for a romantic evening to enjoy a four- to six-course menu together. This restaurant is also one of the best in Utrecht for those looking for a fine dining establishment.
Heuveloord 25A, Utrecht –

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© WT Urban Kitchen, Utrecht

More restaurants in utrecht

Le Jardin: Besides being a flower shop, this is also a lovely restaurant where you can enjoy a French-style culinary lunch or dinner among the greenery. A real gem in the city!
Mariaplaats 42, Utrecht –lejardinutrecht.nl

LE:EN: The Rotsoord district is booming, and LE:EN is the address for Asian street food in a fun urban and industrial interior, complete with street art on the walls and a large open kitchen.
Heuveloord 140, Utrecht – leen-restaurant.nl

De Zagerij: This hotspot is located in a tough industrial building where the high ceilings still give you that authentic, raw feeling. It has a nice terrace, a café area for a drink and a restaurant with an open kitchen where a three to five-course menu of the Chef is served.
Rotsoord 7A, Utrecht – dezagerijutrecht.nl

Kantien: At Kantien, they love everything that is typically Dutch. And that is reflected in the monthly changing menu. It is highly recommended for lunch, drinks or dinner with ingredients that are organic and come from the neighbourhood as much as possible. This hotspot is located just outside the centre.
Ravellaan 96, Utrecht – welkominkantien.nl

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© Kantien, Utrecht

Meer tips voor beste restaurants in Utrecht

Miyagi & Jones: Whether you fancy sushi or other Asian dishes, you’ve come to the right place at Miyagi & Jones near Utrecht Central Station. You can choose from more than 60 dishes. Fortunately, everything is made for shared dining
Veemarktplein 42, Utrecht – Miyagiandjones.nl

Vintage Tapas: De Drieharingstraat is perhaps one of the nicest and busiest streets in Utrecht. Cafes and restaurants everywhere, but Vintage Tapas is my favorite. Are you with two? Then ask for a seat at the cozy bar for an evening of Spanish tapas with a good glass of wine.
Drieharingstraat 18, Utrecht – Tapasbarvintage.nl

Kimmade:This street food ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant is no longer Utrecht’s best kept secret, but it is definitely my favorite place for a noodle salad or Banh mì. There is almost always a line of people waiting for these Vietnamese delicacies, so take your time!
Mariastraat 2, Utrecht – Kimmade.nl

Broei:Broei has expanded to a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch, dinner or enjoy fresh juice, wine and various beers. But I still come here mainly for the coffee. The location, the interior and the good coffee make this a real coffee hotspot.
Oosterkade 24, Utrecht – Broei-Utrecht.com

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17 X best restaurants in Utrecht to try and test >> (2024)


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  5. Price. ...
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