Wizard101 - Crafting Guide 101 - Final Bastion (2024)

Basic Crafting Information

So you’re looking for information about starting your crafting quests and crafting some awesome gear or furniture? Here is a crafting guide with some vital information that will make your journey towards becoming an experienced crafter easier!

What is Crafting?

Crafting is the process of creating something new out of several ingredients (a little like cooking). You do this at a Crafting Station (which I will talk about below in this article). Through the process of crafting, you can make some very good gear for your wizard, rare furniture items and lots of other items.

Though there’s a catch though: you can’t, for example: craft Avalon level gear without having the Legendary Artisan badge. In order to gain the badges required to craft the items you want, you have to do various quests throughout the Spiral. These are side quests given to you by NPCs.

How do I become a Legendary Artisan?

To get to a certain level of crafting, you need to do your crafting quests. It’s required to do them in the correct order. Every series of quests will give you a new badge, which allows you to craft more complicated things:

  1. Wizard City – Olde Town: Eudora Tangletree’s crafting quests (link to guide) — Novice Crafter
  2. Krokotopia – Oasis: Wul’yahm’s crafting quests (link to guide) — Apprentice Crafter
  3. Marleybone – Regent’s Square: Felicia Worthigton’s crafting quests (link to guide) — Initiate Crafter
  4. Mooshu – Jade Palace: Toshio’s crafting quests (link to guide) — Adept Crafter
  5. Dragonspyre – Atheneum: Balthazar Dragonthorn’s crafting quests (link to guide) — Master Artisan
  6. Celestia – Floating Land: Pierce Stanson’s crafting quest (link to guide) — Grandmaster Artisan
  7. Zafaria – Baobab Market: Koyate Ghostmane’s crafting quests (link to guide) — Legendary Artisan
  8. Azteca – Three Points: Oztomeca the Weaver’s crafting quests (link to guide) — Transcendent Crafter
  9. Khrysalis – Silent Market: Stendill Hammertail’s crafting quest (link to guide) — Promethean Crafter
  10. Arcanum – Ignus Ferric’s crafting quest — Champion Crafter
  11. Arcanum – Ignus Ferric’s crafting quest (link to guide) — Visionary Crafter
  12. Arcanum – Ignus Ferric’s crafting quest (link to guide) — Revered Crafter

Do I need to be a certain level to do a crafting quest?

No, everyone can do these crafting quests, as long as they do them in the right order. This means you can teleport to a friend to pick up the next quest when you’re ready. This holds true up to Zafaria: the Zafaria crafting quest is unfortunately only available for wizards that have quested to Zafaria, because it requires a prequest that you can only do after you reach Zafaria.

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What kind of things can I craft?

  1. Gear: From the moment you hit level 50 and higher, it’s always good to keep an eye open for crafted gear. Grizzleheim has some very nice gear for level 56 and up. For Avalon and beyond, Shane MacGobhann sells awesome critical block boots and Llewelyn sells some pretty neat robes which are an upgrade for Waterworks gear. If you’re level 58 and looking to improve your incoming and outgoing health, take a look at the crafted Stellar Signet and Cosmic Kris in Celestia.
  2. Furniture Items: For the decorators amongst you, there are so many gorgeous items you could craft! Just to mention a few: teleporters, housing games, and what would you think of your very own copy of the Carousel from the Commons?
  3. Pet Snacks: I think this used to be a big thing back in the day before mega snacks. I remember crafting a few AmbrOs Cereal snacks in the day… Now? Not so much. But hey, it’s always an option!
  4. Treasure Cards: You can craft Treasure Cards of your own school by talking to the School tree in Ravenwood! I’ve personally only found use for crafted Doom and Glooms when I couldn’t find any in the Bazaar.
  5. Spells: The spells Brimstone Revenant, Deer Knight, Goat Monk, Winter Moon and many others can be crafted! No need to farm those stingy Skeleton Key Bosses, you could just craft one of them. There are two spell recipe vendors in the Spiral at the moment: Master Yan Kan Kook in Mooshu and Grady in Avalon.
  6. Houses: Yes! You can craft houses too! At the moment, there are 6 houses you can craft: the Celestial Observatory, Dragon’s Fjord, Treetop Getaway, Wyrd House, Wysteria Villa and the Watchtower Hall. They’re a lot of work, but totally worth it if you want a less common castle!
  7. Other reagents: Sometimes a recipe requires rare reagents. You can create rare reagents out of regular reagents. This process is called transmuting. You can transmute Stone Blocks into Fossils for example.
  8. Jewels: There are plenty of jewel recipes going around varying through many different levels.

What do I need in order to craft?

  • Reagents

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  • Some recipes require Treasure Cards, Furniture Items or Gear as ingredients
  • A Crafting Station
  • A dorm or castle to put your Crafting Station
  • A recipe.
  • Time. Patience.

What are Reagents?

Wizard101 - Crafting Guide 101 - Final Bastion (3)Reagents are things like Mist Wood, Cat Tail and Lava Lily. They are used as ingredients in crafting recipes. You can find different reagents throughout the Spiral, either by harvesting them, defeating monsters, or purchasing them. Reagents go in your reagent bag, which you can access by selecting the Crafting tab in your spell book, or by pressing “J” on your keyboard. You can find more information about reagents in this article.

Recipe Vendors

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Crafting is a little bit like cooking in the sense that you need a recipe to do so! Recipes have to be bought. There are currently 75-ish Recipe Vendors in the Spiral, each with their own special recipes :O That’s a bit too much to list in this article! We will add links here once we get more articles done on the subject.

How can I see my recipes?

All the recipes you have purchased are visible in the Crafting tab in your spell book. Press “Esc” on your keyboard and go to the Crafting tab. You can also access this tab by pressing “J” on your keyboard.

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Where can I find the Crafting Stations?

Crafting Stations are tables used to craft specific items. There are several different crafting tables:

  • Basic Crafting Station
  • Card Crafting Station
  • Equipment Crafting Station
  • Housing Crafting Station

Eudora gives you a free Basic Crafting Station. It will be in your backpack with other Furniture items. If you’ve sold or lost yours, you can buy a new Basic Crafting Table from the Furniture Shop Keepers in Krokotopia, Mooshu, Marleybone and Dragonspyre. The Bazaar is another option. They’re not always available there, so I’d check a Furniture Shop Keeper instead.

Each Crafting Station has its own recipes. When you’re at the Card Crafting Station, for example, you will NOT be able to see recipes that are made at the Basic Crafting Station. Hence, if you’re sure you’ve bought a recipe, but it doesn’t show up when you activate your Crafting Station, it’s likely you’re using the wrong Station.

There are also 6 additional locations for crafting. These cannot be purchased or placed in your Castle, instead, you must go to them.

  • Beastmoon Seed Cultivator and Beastmoon Crafting Station – The Arena, Wizard City
  • Deckathalon Crafting Station – The Arena, Wizard City
  • Hall of the Ice Forge – Northguard, Grizzleheim
  • Dragonspyre Crafting Station – The Dragon’s Roost, Dragonspyre
  • Forge of Legends – The Arcanum Crafting Room

How can I check which Crafting Station I need?

Because different recipes require specific crafting tables, you might need to check which one you require for a certain recipe. To do that, open the Crafting tab in your spell book or press “J” on your keyboard. Then hover over the vial icon in the lower left corner of the window, as pictured below:

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What’s a crafting slot?

A crafting slot is a possibility to craft something. Each item crafted takes up one crafting slot. Once an item is created, a cooldown timer will be started on that crafting slot. When you start crafting in Wizard City, you will have one crafting slot. As you advance, you will be given additional crafting slots from the crafting quests. For each slot you receive there will be a new timer on your Character Page. If you craft something, the timer on the Character Page will show the cooldown time that you need to wait before that slot can be used again. The cooldown time depends on the item you are crafting.

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What will you craft first?
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Wizard101 - Crafting Guide 101 - Final Bastion (2024)


Why can't I craft the seal of Seraphim? ›

You can't craft the Seal of Seraphim at the Basic Crafting table. It requires the Equipment Crafting Station. If youneed to buy the new Crafting Station, you can buy it from any of the Furniture Vendors in the Spiral (closest one: Zhi Lan in the furniture shop in Jade Palace). Afterwards, talk to Toshio.

How to get dagger of absolution recipe? ›

Re: Daggers of Absolution

Crafting recipes are bought from the character who gave you the quest, in your case Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town. Note that Reagents that the recipe asks for is for EACH item crafted, so you'll need twice the number of Reagents the recipe requests if you want to craft both daggers.

How to craft in Wiz101? ›

Crafting requires a Crafting Station. You can get your first crafting station by completing quests for Eudora Tangletree in Wizard City Olde Town. When you get your Crafting Station, place it in your Dorm or Castle. If you have an available Crafting Slot, a Recipe and the Reagents required, you can begin crafting!

How to unlock zafaria crafting? ›

To be able to craft Avalon gear, you need the Legendary Crafter badge, which you will receive once you finish the crafting quest for Zafaria. To get the crafting quest, you need to have quested all the way to Zafaria. This is needed to unlock the Recipe Vendor, Koyate Ghostmane.

How to craft ring of seraphim? ›

Seraphim Ring can be crafted with the following:
  1. 10000 Cash.
  2. 1x Angelic Cross.
  3. 1x Holy Crystal.
  4. 6x Hevenite.
  5. 3x Moonstone.
  6. 2x Almighty Orb of Light.

Where to go after celestia crafting quest? ›

RECAP: Celestia crafter will NOT give you a new crafting quest. This is on purpose. Go to Zafaria, complete the sidequest, then do Zafaria questing. From there, crafting quests continue as they did before Celesita, with crafters sending you to the next one for furter learning until you get to the arcanum.

How do you get a Tier 3 dagger? ›

The Widow Dagger is a Tier III melee weapon that pairs good damage with high speed and the added effect of poisoning your enemies. It requires a Workbench to craft as well as gathering materials from defeating a black widow, as well as Lint Rope.

How do you get withered dagger? ›

Meet Fia in the Roundtable Hold and receive her blessing. Once you get to the Altus Plateau, speak to Fia to get the Weathered Dagger.

Where can I buy a Ring of Insight? ›

Buy the recipe from Wul'yahm by pressing “X” on your keyboard when you're close to him. There will be the option “Recipe shop“. Search for the item called “Ring of Insight” and click “Buy“.

How to get grandmaster crafter in wizard101? ›

You'll need to complete all the crafting quests up to and including the crafting quest in Celestia to get the Grandmaster Artisan badge. Then you can craft any of the recipes in Wintertusk.

How to get champion crafter? ›

Ignus will then talk about the legendary Forge inside the Arcanum, which has some unique abilities. After he finishes explaining this Forge, he gives you the quest to go inspect the Forge- “Forging A Legend“. Upon doing so, you will receive the Champion Crafter badge.

How to get adept crafter in wizard101? ›

In order to gain the adept crafter badge, and be able to craft the tea set, you will need to complete the crafting quest in Wizard City, Krokotopia, MarleyBone and finally MooShu in that order, Each of these worlds has a crafting vendor standing next to the reagent vendor near the center of town.

How do you unlock Avalon? ›

Solve the Gulch Vex Orb Puzzle
  1. Visit the Gulch in European Dead Zone, Earth. Search out floating cube-shaped Vex orbs. ...
  2. Collecting all six Vex orbs in the Gulch unlocks the Simulated Cave Access Code. A Vex energy effect will appear in the sky. ...
  3. Head through the cave and speak to the Harpy to collect the Exotic NODE. OVRD.
Mar 8, 2023

How to get transcendent crafter in wizard101? ›

If you can't find your Crafting Station anymore, buy a new one from a Furniture Vendor in the Spiral. The Furniture Shop in Jade Palace in Mooshu sells it, for example. Afterwards, head back to Three Points in Azteca to talk with Oztomeca. He will give you the Transcendent Crafter badge.

How to become an adept crafter? ›

Re: Adept Crafting

In order to gain the adept crafter badge, and be able to craft the tea set, you will need to complete the crafting quest in Wizard City, Krokotopia, MarleyBone and finally MooShu in that order, Each of these worlds has a crafting vendor standing next to the reagent vendor near the center of town.

How to get an equipment crafting station? ›


There are a few places to buy this item, but the nearest place is the furniture shop owned by Zhi Lan. It is located directly around the corner from Toshio. It will cost you exactly 1,500 gold and can be instantly placed in your home.

Where can I find the grimblaze vestment recipe? ›

First check if Balthazar sells the recipe for Grimblaze Vestment. If not, buy it from Katsuko Mukai. You can find her in Mooshu, in Hametsu Village.

Where can I get stinger of the scorpion recipe? ›

Buy the recipes from Felicia by pressing “X” on your keyboard when you're close to her. There will be the option “Recipe shop“. Search for the items called “Stinger of the Scorpion” and “Constellation Jewel” and click “Buy“.

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