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  • NEAR Twitter SpacesTeknologi 6 jul

    This is the official page for Podcasts and Twitter Spaces on NEAR

  • Die Twitter-WG - mit Suse und ReginaSamhälle och kultur, Nyheter, Underhållningsnyheter 21 jun 2023

    Willkommen in der Twitter-WG mit Suse und Regina.

    Hier bekommt ihr frische Bubble-Themen aufs Ohr. Bei einer Tasse Kaffee lösen wir fast alle Fragen rund um Aufreger und Topthemen aus unserer Twitter-Bubble.

    Außerdem laden wir regelmäßig Follower in die Twitter-WG ein, die uns ihr Spezialthema einmal so richtig vorstellen.

  • Crecer En TwitterAffärer 12 jan 2023

    Te cuento cómo crezco en Twitter (@nahuelcassino) a tiempo real. Recorre el camino conmigo. Te lo cuento todo.
    Ah, y en te mando cada día un nuevo consejo, idea o historia para que aprendas a comunicarte directo con la mente de tu cliente. Marketing, copywriting, ventas y..

  • Hip Hop TwitterMusik, Musikkommentarer 13 dec 2022

    People have a lot of crazy hip hop takes on Twitter. Let's talk about some of this ridiculous sh*t in this seasonal podcast hosted by Vegas of "Hip-Hop NOW Podcast", and co-host Yinse.

  • Nicht mehr ganz TwitterNyheter, Underhållningsnyheter 31 aug 2023

    Die beiden Youtuber VIK und ZEO schwafeln hier über die extrem irritierende Welt von Twitter! Dieser Podcast wird sie bereichern und an die Grenzen des unmöglichen bringen! Dieser Podcast wird ihr Leben verbessern und... ach keine Ahnung. Pfeif's dir rein oder lass halt gut sein.

  • Nicht mehr ganz Twitter31 aug 2023

    Die beiden Youtuber VIK und ZEO schwafeln hier über die extrem irritierende Welt von Twitter! Dieser Podcast wird sie bereichern und an die Grenzen des unmöglichen bringen! Dieser Podcast wird ihr Leben verbessern und... ach keine Ahnung. Pfeif's dir rein oder lass halt gut sein.

  • Elon Musk vs TwitterTeknologi 2 nov 2022

    What happened when Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, tried to buy Twitter? Comedian Bec Hill finds out.

  • The Inner Circle Trader Twitter Spaces ArchiveAffärer, Investering 17 dec 2023

    This is an archived copy of The Inner Circle Trader twitter spaces broadcasts for those who prefer a different platform for consuming your content. I am _not_ ICT, just one who accepts him as a mentor.

  • TEA-ta Talk with the Twitter TitasHumor 19 nov 2022

    A podcast hosted by Twitter Titas @mrsunlawyer, @MadamHiddles, @margavsmachine, and @abi_valte where they talk about life, love, and all the kyeme in between

  • Whenever you are on a motorcycle ride, either a trip across the country, a weekend clover leaf with some friends or just out to get new bottle of whiskey and cigars, if you ever stop for gas, more times than not, someone will walk up and say those famous two words, "Nice Bike..." and a conversation usually goes from there. This podcast is about Motorcycle talk, trip advice, packing lists, history, routes, cigars and more. James and Chris are not professional riders, but are passionate about a good ride, a fun trip and the history that surrounds us on a ride. Have a quick listen and drop us a note, a question or a topic on twitter @fuelstopchats. Also, we try to post pictures from the rides or routes we discuss, our instagram is @fuelstopchats as well.

  • Flipping the Bird: Elon vs. TwitterAffärer, Teknologi 9 jun

    When Elon Musk posted a video of himself arriving at Twitter HQ carrying a white sink along with the message “let that sink in!” it marked the end of a dramatic takeover. Musk had gone from Twitter critic to “Chief Twit” in the space of just a few months but his arrival didn’t put an end to questions about his motives. Musk had earned a reputation as a business maverick. From PayPal to Tesla to SpaceX, his name was synonymous with big, earth-shattering ideas. So, what did he want with a social media platform? And was this all really in the name of free speech...or was this all in the name of Elon Musk? From Wondery, the makers of WeCrashed and In God We Lust, comes the wild story of how the richest man alive took charge of the world’s “digital public square.”

    Binge all episodes of Flipping the Bird: Elon vs Twitter exclusively and ad-free by joining Wondery+ in Wondery App or on Apple Podcasts. Start your free trial by visiting now.

  • Den Vogel abgeschossen - Elon Musk vs. TwitterAffärer 19 jun 2023

    Es ist das Ende einer dramatischen Übernahme: Elon Musk veröffentlicht ein Video von seiner Ankunft im Twitter-Hauptsitz, mit einem weißen Waschbecken in der Hand. Die Nachricht - eines seiner vielen Wortspiele: "Let that sink in!"

    Innerhalb weniger Monate ist Musk vom Twitter-Kritiker zum “Chief Twit” aufgestiegen. Doch die Übernahme beendet nicht die Frage nach seinen Motiven. Von PayPal über Tesla bis SpaceX ist Elon Musks Name zu einem Synonym für große, weltbewegende Ideen geworden. Was will er also mit einer Social Media Plattform?

    Und geht es hier wirklich um freie Meinungsäußerung … oder geht es einfach nur um Elon selbst? Wondery erzählt, wie einer der reichsten Männer der Welt die Verantwortung für den "digitalen öffentlichen Raum" übernahm - und was danach passierte.

  • The MaML Podcast is brought to you by medical residents, grad students, and med students passionate about the new frontier of healthcare and AI. We feature interviews with prominent figures in industry, academia, and medicine. This podcast is designed for anyone with a budding interest in the field. Created by David JH Wu, Aaron Schumacher, and Saurin Kantesaria.Hosts: David JH Wu, Maddie Ahern, Raeesa KabirProducers: Aaron Schumacher, Kirsi Oldenburg, Melanie BussanTalent: Alex Jacobs, Heather NelsonMedia: Nikhil Kapur Message us! [emailprotected] Support this podcast:

  • javaswagTeknologi, Nyheter 21 jun

    Подкаст о разработке на Java. Все то, о чем вы боялись спросить в кулуарах.

  • Sistas with SabersSkönlitteratur 20 mar

    This is a podcast made for and by black female fans of Star Wars. We are a Star Wars Lifestyle Brand. It's a safe space for us to connect, support each other and share our experience.
    The E is for EXPLICIT content.

    Follow the team on twitter @Saberswith,
    If you don’t mind leaving us a review that would be cool.

  • Talk of the Toon: Newcastle United PodcastSport, Amerikansk fotboll, Fotboll 10 jun

    Howay the Lads! Join best pals Will, Hodge and Gray as they discuss the adventures of Newcastle United Football Club. We bring you regular match reviews, match previews, transfer news and club updates. If you are a NUFC fan, this is the podcast for you.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • A weekly Podcast Breaking Down Every Episode and Movie of Pokémon hosted by Professor Chris G and Doug_E_Fresh. (We are aware that our early episodes have audio issues that couldn't be fixed, we're sorry about that).Listen to episodes and get Pokemon Trading Card Game Codes early on Patreon! Support this podcast:

  • Sem Foco PodcastHistoria, Vetenskap 29 jan 2023

    Sem Foco é um podcast sobre curiosidades, histórias divertidas e inacreditáveis feito para ser levinho bem humorado. Eventualmente temos nossos amigos como convidados especiais, o que torna o papo muito mais gostoso e animado. Sem Foco Podcast é apresentado pela host Priss Guerrero e pela host Tati Shade Godzilla Trevoso. Vocês podem nos encontrar no twitter como @semfoco2 , @prissguerrero1 e @shade_graves. Você também pode encontrar o Sem Foco Podcast no site .

  • From the Twitter Space, @MriyaReport many special guest speakers from Ukraine and the international community tell their stories, bring real news and information on the war, live. Due to our 24/7 operation some people might not be able to listen to all of our special guests when they are on live at @MriyaReport. These audio and video podcasts are for people to listen to special guests from Ukraine they might have missed or who they want to listen to again.

  • EwONE! Radio Mixshow - Official PodcastMusik 27 feb

    FRANCAIS: EwONE! vous invite à télécharger chaque semaine le podcast de son émission radio (sans les speaks et sans les coupures pubs), avec les dernières nouveautés HH/R&B et des sessions "classics" à ne pas manquer. Alors faites-vous plaisir !!!
    ENGLISH: EwONE! invites you every weeks to download the podcast of his radio mixshow (without speaks and commercials breaks) including the latest news HH/R&B as well as some classics! Go ahead and enjoy it !!!

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