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Semester Information

Registration is now open for Spring 2024!

Whether you are a first-time or continuing student, find out everything you need to know about getting started at HGTC and be sure to schedule an appointment with an advisortoday!

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Spring Semester Start Dates

  • January 8 - Full Fall & Fast Forward I
  • January 29 - Flex Start
  • February 29 - Fast Forward II

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Maymester Schedule

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New & Continuing Student Registration Information

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HGTC offers courses in different formats - formats that will work best for your personal situation. Everyone learns differently. The key is finding the right learning opportunity and format that will allow you to continue your studies to successful program completion. For the upcoming semester, options include courses that will be taught in-person/lecture, hybrid, and online.Below is more information on how to read your schedule.

  • Online - The time will be listed as TBA on your schedule as there will be no specific meeting dates or times. The campus will be listed as INT and Section #s will begin with the letter “I”.
  • Hybrid - Part of the class will be held online, and part of the class will be on-campus. The on-campus meeting times are provided and students should expect to be present on campus for the class/lab on the days and times listed. The campus will be listed as HYB and Section #s will begin with the letter “H”.
  • Synchronous - The class/lab is meeting online, but the student is expected to login and participate in the online class during the times/dates listed on the schedule. Links for class sessions will be provided to students by faculty. The campus will be listed as SYN and Section #s will begin with the letter “Y”.
  • Face-to-face (F2F) - For courses being held on-campus, students should be prepared to be on campus for the times and dates listed on the schedule. To ensure proper social distancing and safety, students may be asked to attend on certain days, wear masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE). On-site class attendance requirements will be communicated by the faculty member to students through D2L on the first day of class.

NOTE: Courses with lecture and lab may be offered with mixed formats, for example the lecture may be held online or in a synchronous online format and the labs being held on-site.

Pay Attention to Important Dates & Tuition Deadlines

  • See theacademic calendarfor all important dates and deadlines.

Need help with the registration?

Contact an Admissions Representative for help with admissions, financial aid, and more! Call TECH Central at 843-349-5182 or

Other Important Information

  • Complete the New Student Orientation Online
    Find out everything you need to know about getting around at HGTC
  • Need to pay a bill, change your schedule, find your H number? Visit The TECH Central Student Information Center on any campus for answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Hungry? find out what dining options are available at HGTC!
  • Lost? HGTC will have staff on hand in each building during the first week of classes to help you find your way, or download campus maps here.
  • Purchase text books: The Barnes and Noble Bookstore is located on every campus; bring your class schedule to select the correct books and materials.
  • Need a Campus ID or Parking permit?
    Parking decals can be obtained at any Campus Public Safety Office. You will need to bring: current vehicle registration card, valid driver's license, and HGTC identification number ("H" number).
  • Have questions about Email, D2l? Contact or call 843-349-TECH (8324)
  • Get involved at HGTC: Learn more about what clubs and organizations are offered.
  • See College Catalog/Student Handbook: Get detailed answers to your questions, important phone numbers, student policies, and more.
  • Check class schedules before classes begin: Be sure to check the campus location of each class; look for location on your schedule. Make sure each class is on the campus you plan to attend. Avoid unnecessary travel time. Notice the start date of your class; some classes are FLEXSTART!

Class schedules legend:

  • CON:Conway
  • GTW:Georgetown
  • GS:Grand Strand
  • INT:Internet
  • HYB:Hybrid
Semester Information | Horry-Georgetown Technical College (2024)
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