July 2023 BAYADA Insider (2024)

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (1)

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (2)

This July, we introduce a new online clinical manual, two recognition blogs, and a webinar series on professional development. Plus, read about the 2023 Annual Education campaign and tips to manage caregiver stress.

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BAYADA’s Annual Education Campaign is Here

At BAYADA, we are committed tocontinuously improving our work through evaluation, education, and training, so that we can provide the very best services to our clients. One of the ways we keep that commitment is through our Annual Education campaign, a requirement for all BAYADA employees.

BAYADA’s Annual Education—consisting ofStaying Healthy (Infection Prevention) and Honesty & Confidentiality—will roll out on July 5 and close on September 29.

What to expect:

  • Both Staying Healthy (Infection Prevention) and Honesty & Confidentiality will roll out in BAYADA University on Wednesday, July 5.
  • Staying Healthy (Infection Prevention) will be in a "read and sign" format for all BAYADA caregivers and clinicians.
  • Honesty & Confidentiality will be provided in an interactive format.
    • During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Honesty & Confidentiality was condensed into a "read and sign" format for simplicity. Now, as we begin to move away from the days of COVID-related extensions and waivers, we have expanded this training, so it is simple and impactful for employees while meeting our regulatory requirements.

Additionally, we will also roll out the annual Antitrust (licensed clinicians only), Conflict of Interest, and Code of Ethics "read and signs" on July 5, reducing the number of times you are asked to complete your compliance obligations throughout the year.

How to complete your Annual Education

All employees will complete the Annual Education programs digitally via BAYADA University. To access your required trainings, simply:

  • Head tobayada.okta.com.
  • Open BAYADA University.
  • Click the My Learning menu > My Learning Plan.

Be sure to verify your information in Workday. Please be sure your primary email address in Workday is accurate, as this will be used to deliver your training materials to you. Head to bayada.okta.com, open Workday, and then use the Personal Information button to review and edit your email address.

Completing these required compliance trainings is an important way to protect yourself, your colleagues, your clients, and the company from dangerous or illegal acts that can put you or others at risk.

If you have any questions related to the content of these trainings, please reach out to your manager. Please visitbayada.com/loginor contact the IT Service Desk at215-757-9000if you experience any login or technical issues.

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (3)

Introducing Elsevier: A Comprehensive, Online Clinical Procedure Manual for Clinicians

We heard you!

In comments shared with clinical managers and in the Employee Experience (EEX) Survey, your feedback has been strong and consistent. You want access to comprehensive, online clinical procedures at your fingertips when you need it most, in the client’s home.

Thanks to your input, BAYADA is excited to introduce a new online platform called Elsevier. The new platform features a comprehensive database of authoritative clinical content that will allow you to make accurate decisions so that you can feel confident about delivering the very best care to your clients.

Prior to Elsevier, paper copies of procedures from the outdated VNAA Procedure Manual were placed in a binder in the client’s home, or clinicians carried hard copies with them. Now, you’ll have immediate access to evidence-based content that is updated accordingly as new clinical protocols and regulatory information changes.

You can use Elsevier to:

  • Access patient education, drug information, lab values, and clinical scales from the client’s home on any device.
  • Refresh your knowledge of skills and procedures.
  • View animations, videos, and illustrations of procedures.
  • Take required trainings, tests, and competencies.
  • Obtain continuing education credits (CEs) for nurses. (To obtain CEs you must go in through BAYADA University.)*

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (4)

To access Elsevier:

Tap the Elsevier icon on the BAYADA tablet in your client’s home or on your work device and follow the prompts to sign in through Okta. Once you have logged in, you’ll be able to search skills and patient education information.

If you have any questions about Elsevier, click on the resource links below or reach out to your clinical manager.

* Not applicable to employees in the Behavioral Health Practice

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (5)

Health Insurance: Key Reminders and Dependent Eligibility Verification

Last month, BAYADA employees were able to enroll/re-enroll in their health benefits during the first of the two 2023 Open Enrollment periods.*

Here are some important dates and reminders following the recent Open Enrollment period:

  • Employees can expect to see their new benefit premium deductions for the July 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023 plan year in their July 6 paycheck.
  • Deductibles will not be adjusted for the shortened plan year. The deductible annual amounts will reset effective July 1, 2023, and again effective January 1, 2024.
  • Any dependent changes employees made take effect for the new plan year, July 1,2023.
    • Beginning the week of July 10, employees will begin to receive information related to a dependent eligibility audit, which will ensure that dependents are in compliance with plan eligibility rules. See more information about the action you may need to take below.
  • If you have a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), remember to use your balance by June 30, 2023. For the FSA, employees can rollover up to $570 from the 2022/2023 plan year into the short plan year (July 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023). Optum, our FSA administrator, will automatically process this rollover, no action is needed.
  • Any employees who made changes to their benefits (ie, tier or plan changes) will receive a new insurance card in July. If you re-enrolled in the same plan, you will not receive a new insurance card as your current card will remain active. Your medical insurance card can be accessed by contacting Aetna Concierge at 800-922-5863.

If you have any questions, please call 877-291-3000.

ACTION REQUIRED for Employees with Dependents on Their Aetna Medical Plans:

To remain compliant with our health care guidelines, and to help manage health care costs, BAYADA is conducting a dependent eligibility verification (DEV) program via a third-party vendor, Verifi1.

Beginning the week of July 10, employees enrolled in Aetna medical plans who have a covered dependent will be required to submit documentation to verify the eligible dependents by August 11, 2023. If your spouse/domestic partner and child(ren) verification is not completed or is found to not be an eligible dependent based on plan guidelines, their coverage will be terminated August 31, 2023.

Be on the lookout for direct mail, emails (from noreply@verifi1.com), and text messages from Verifi1 with more information. Verifi1will provide your username as well as instructions on how to create a Verifi1 account and how to submit documentation in their initial letter/email.

Please call Verifi1 at 855-486-2472 with any questions.

As a reminder, BAYADA's benefits plan year will transition from a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) to a calendar year (January 1 – December 31). As a result, we will have two Open Enrollments in 2023:

  • In the Spring for plan year July 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023 (concluded in May 2023)
  • In the Fall for plan year January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (6)

Mark Your Calendars: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Webinar Series on Professional Development

This series—titled “Navigating Your Career and Skill Development for Home Care Professionals at BAYADA”—provides an opportunity for caregivers and clinicians to invest in their future. Setting professional goals can help you plan your career, improve your skills, and advance into higher positions. This series is designed for caregivers and clinicians at BAYADA to learn more about career and professional development opportunities provided by the company.

There are three interactive, virtual education sessions in this series, each covering a specific topic.

  1. Workforce development
    Wednesday, July 26 | 6:00 pm ET
    Attendees will learn about clinical career training programs and different opportunities to elevate their wages and skills.
  2. Career exploration
    Wednesday, August 30 | 6:00 pm ET
    Attendees will learn about the Career Exploration page and explore various roles within the organization.
    This page provides for each role a short video, qualifications for the role, a success profile, and recommended activities—all created by the individuals who currently serve in them!
  3. University partnerships
    Wednesday, September 27 | 6:00 pm ET
    Attendees will learn about advanced degrees and university opportunities that can increase their knowledge and skills and raise their earning potential.Attendees will also learn about discount opportunities provided by our partners: Drexel, Capella, Strayer, Wilmington, and University of Phoenix.

Use this Zoom information to attend any of these sessions:

For more information, please email diversity@bayada.com.

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (7)

Action Requested: Brief Survey on Hearts for Home Care Awareness

BAYADA Hearts for Home Care (H4HC) is an advocacy organization made up of thousands of home care recipients, their friends and family members, and home care professionals concerned about the challenges facing home care today. Our advocacy in health care continues to push towards the ultimate goal: to improve the entire home care ecosystem and to make it more sustainable, particularly for seniors and individuals living with disabilities and medical complexities.

BAYADA’s Government Affairs (GAO) team has created a brief survey to gauge how much is known about H4HC and how we are doing with communication and education. Please click here to take the survey by July 14—it should take no more than 5 minutes.

Your honest responses will help us determine what information has been effectively communicated and what opportunities we have for improved education around this important topic.

Thank you in advance for helping us continuously improve our work through evaluation, education, and training.

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (8)

Ways to Manage Caregiver Stress

Upholding The BAYADA Way and providing the highest quality home health care services is an honorable task—but it’s not always easy. Sometimes, juggling the needs of our clients and their families, your family and loved ones, and your own well-being can be stressful. It is critical for you as a caregiver to prioritize your own well-being so you can give your best self to those who benefit from your care. Just as you provide care with compassion, excellence, and reliability to your clients, you must show yourself the same care.

Here are some suggestions—categorized into emotional, physical, social, and spiritual needs—from our partners at Aetna on how to manage caregiver stress.


  • Be aware of feelings which may arise, such as depression or anxiety.
  • Talk with someone you trust about your feelings as you experience them.
  • Journal about your feelings and the challenges you face each day.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Talk with other caregivers who may be in a similar role.
  • Educate yourself on caregiving through books or online content.
  • Talk to the physician of those who benefit from your care to better understand their needs.
  • Talk to a mental health professional and/or join a caregiver support group.


  • Make time to relax, even if it’s only for short periods at a time.
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.
  • Eat healthy meals and nutritious snacks.
  • Get plenty of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Take a walk with a friend.
  • Maintain your health by keeping doctor visits and any medication requirements.


  • Engage in hobbies or other activities which you enjoy that are not associated with caregiving.
  • Take regular breaks from caregiving.
  • Accept invitations to social events.
  • Invite a friend over to your house if you are not able to get away.


  • Make time to meditate, practice mindfulness or to just sit in silence.
  • Write down and reflect on things you are grateful for.
  • Find local support within a spiritual community or attend a religious service.
  • Reflect on how your caregiver role has positively affected you and your loved one.
  • Forgive and let go—if you are holding onto any guilt or resentment.

Don’t undervalue the importance of self-care. Treat yourself with grace and ask for help when you need it.

More information and resources like this—including this “Mindful Moment” audio message about the importance of making connections—can be accessed via the Employee Assistance Program(EAP). brought to you by Aetna. The EAP provides all BAYADA employees and their household members with everyday help for everyday living—regardless of whether you are enrolled in our Aetna insurance program.Visit resourcesforliving.com (username: BAYADA | password: eap) or call 888-238-6232 for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (9)

Latest News on Presidential Scholarship and Heroes Programs on BAYADA Celebrates Blogs

Blogs featuring Hero Program and Presidential Scholarship Program news and highlights can be found on their respective program resource pages on BAYADA Celebrates.

Visit the Hero blog, found on the Hero Program Resource Page, to find programs highlights. You’ll find a complete Hero list each quarter as well as Division and National Hero stories. You will have the opportunity to react, comment, and send additional recognition to your colleagues right through the blog page.

Also recently launched is our new Presidential Scholarship blog. Here, we will shine the light on some of our Presidential Scholarship recipients throughout the year. We will share the ways in which you and your colleagues help us realize The BAYADA Way by continuously improving your work through evaluation, education and training. Visit the Scholarship Program Resource Page to see who will be spotlighted next!

A big congratulations goes out to all those who have been granted a Fall 2023 and/or Spring 2024 scholarship. Awards were announced to office directors last month. Award letters will be arriving in your mailboxes soon, if you have submitted an application by the deadline.

While the Fall scholarship deadline has passed there is still time to apply for a Spring 2024 scholarship. The deadline to apply for a spring scholarship is November 6, 2023. We encourage everyone to apply for a scholarship if you intend on pursuing an educational course, certification etc. this upcoming Spring.

Click here to apply today.

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (10)

Get Into the Celebratory Spirit with July Observances

July is here and theObservances Calendar is jam-packed with celebratory dates you’ll want to remember! Check out what’s on the calendar below and don’t forget to stop byBAYADA Celebratesto connect with your peers.

  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • International Non-Binary People’s Day (July 14)
  • On-Call Manager Appreciation Day*(July 14)
  • National Disability Independence Day(July 26)
  • National Intern Day*(July 27)

If you have any questions regarding holiday benefits, or if you anticipate needing time off to observe a holiday meaningful to you, please contact your BAYADA service office.

*Indicates eCard available to send onBAYADA Celebrates.

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (11)

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (17)

July 2023 BAYADA Insider (2024)


Why did BAYADA go nonprofit? ›

This restructuring of BAYADA into a not for profit reflects the combined purpose of helping people live safely at home with comfort, independence, and dignity; promoting BAYADA's vision of making the highest quality home health care available to everyone, worldwide; and ensuring that good people who are called to a ...

What benefits do BAYADA field staff get? ›

Health insurance, dental, and vision plans

You will be able to obtain either the Minimum Coverage or Enhanced Minimum Coverage plans shortly after hire. Following 60 days of employment, you will also be offered BAYADA's group health insurance benefits. Group benefits become effective on the 90th day after hire.

What is BAYADA core value? ›

The core values of The BAYADA Way—compassion, excellence, and reliability—are ever-present in our daily work.

Who is responsible for BAYADA compliance program? ›

Kelli Marans - Chief Compliance Officer - BAYADA Home Health Care | LinkedIn.

How many employees does Bayada have? ›

Today, more than 26,000 like-hearted employees call upon their natural sense of caring, commitment to purpose, and personal responsibility to help our clients—and each other—flourish.

Why do non-profit hospitals make so much money? ›

If a private business doesn't have to pay taxes, its expenses will be lower. Additionally, because nonprofit hospitals are defined as charitable institutions, they can benefit from tax-free contributions from donors and tax-free bonds for capital projects, things that for-profit hospitals cannot take advantage of.

Does BAYADA have a pension plan? ›

Retirement Benefits

All BAYADA employees are immediately eligible upon hire to make pre-tax, Roth after-tax, or rollover contribution to a 401(k) plan.

How does BAYADA PTO work? ›

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Once the employees reach 2,000 credits, they will receive an average week of PTO. The average week is calculated as 1,000 hours divided by the number of weeks worked to get to 2,000 credits, with a maximum average week of 40 hours.

How to use BAYADA Bucks? ›

Bucks are vouchers that can be redeemed through our BAYADA Bucks catalog for items such as Tiffany & Co. jewelry, GPS devices, digital cameras, designer handbags, BAYADA branded apparel and much, much more.

What is Bayada annual revenue? ›

BAYADA Home Health Care's revenue is $2.0 billion.

BAYADA Home Health Care has 26,000 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $76,923. BAYADA Home Health Care peak revenue was $2.0B in 2023.

How big is BAYADA Home Health Care? ›

What is the size of BAYADA Home Health Care? BAYADA Home Health Care has 31,500 total employees.

Who founded Bayada? ›

Mark Baiada founded BAYADA Home Health Care in 1975 with the mission to help people have a safe home life with comfort, independence, and dignity.

What does OIG mean in compliance? ›

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has created the educational materials to assist in teaching physicians about the Federal laws designed to protect the Medicare and Medicaid programs and program beneficiaries from fraud, waste, and abuse. Learn More.

Who is ultimately responsible for compliance? ›

For all-size organizations, the owner(s)/executive team has a legal and ethical responsibility to maintain compliance.

What is the purpose of the compliance program? ›

What Is a Compliance Program? A compliance program is a company's set of internal policies and procedures put into place in order to comply with laws, rules, and regulations or to uphold the business's reputation.

Why are hospitals considered non-profit? ›

A non-profit hospital is a hospital that does not make profits for owners of the hospital from the funds collected for patient services. The owners of non-profit hospitals are often a charitable organization or non-profit corporations. Fees for service above the cost of service are reinvested in the hospital.

What is the largest nonprofit healthcare system in the US? ›

What is the largest nonprofit health system in the U.S.? The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the largest nonprofit health system in the U.S., with a network of over 160 hospitals and more than 25,000 beds nationwide.

What is the difference between non-profit and profitable healthcare facilities? ›

Nonprofit hospitals must invest any profits 'into the community,' which can include facility improvements or paying executive salaries. For-profit hospitals may prioritize generating profit for shareholders.

Is bayada a public company? ›

Is BAYADA Home Health Care a private or public company? BAYADA Home Health Care is a Private company.

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