How To Fix Maytag F0E7: 4 Solutions  (2024)

Imagine starting your Maytagwasher’s “CleanWasher”cycle, expecting a pristine drum and a refreshed machine. Instead, you’re greeted with the puzzling F0E7error codeand a haltedcycle.

Maytagwashershave long been the go-to choice for homeowners in theUnited Statesseeking durability and hassle-free laundry experiences. However, even the most dependable homeappliancescan encounter unexpected challenges.

The Maytag F0E7 halts the “clean washer” function and leaves it unclean. Lack of cleanliness can lead to various problems with yourwasher’s internal components.

Keep reading this guide to understand the meaning and causes and find reliable fixesfor this frustrating issue.

Before diving deep into this Maytag F0E7, note that this issue is commonly associated with Maytag front-loaders.

Here are a few examples of the affected Maytag front-load washers:

  • MVW62HCWasher
  • Maytag MVWB765FW
  • MMV4600AWWWasher
  • Maytag MAH5500AWW
  • Maytag MAH8700AWW
  • Maytag MAT2700AWW
  • Maytag MVW7230HC
  • Maytag MVW7232HW
  • Maytag MAT9000AW
  • Maytag MEDC465HW
  • Maytag MHW3500FW
  • Maytag MGDC465HW

What Does F0E7 Mean on a MaytagWasher?

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When yourMaytagwasherdisplays the F0E7error code, it’s a signal of serious implications during theclean washer cycle. Let’s break it down:

  • Meaning:Aclean washer cycleis supposed to run empty without any sort ofload. Thiscycleis designed to sanitize the machine itself and shouldn’t include laundry. When your Maytagwasherblinks this message during thiscycle, it indicates that yourwasherdetected aloadof laundry
  • Safety Feature:This code is a safety net that prevents you from running the cleaningcyclewith clothes inside.
  • Impact on Use: The F0E7 error halts thecycle, preventing potential damage or wear caused by running it with clothes.
  • Warning Signs:Besides the blinking F0E7, yourwasherwon’t start theclean washer cycle.
  • Importance of Addressing:Ignoring the error risks reduced cleaning efficiency and potential strain on thewasher.

Why Does Your MaytagWasherShow F0E7 Error?

The F0E7error codeindicates your Maytagwasherdetected clothes inside the drum during a “CleanWasher”cycle. Here are the potential causes:

1. Forgotten Laundry

This is the most common culprit. Even a single forgotten sock can trigger the F07 error. Your Maytagwasheris programmed to start thiscycleonly when its drum is fully empty. Thewasher’s sensors identify clothes remaining in the drum after a regular washcycle, preventing the “CleanWasher”cyclefrom starting with any obstructions.

2. Sensor Malfunction

While Maytagwashersare known for theirreliability, a malfunctioning sensor, like the water level sensor, might misinterpret the drum’s fullness, even when empty. A malfunctioning sensor sends this false information to thecontrol board. Eventually, this scenario can lead to the F07 error despite no clothes being present.

3. Control BoardMiscommunication

In rare cases, thecontrol board, the device that manages thewasher’s functions, may misinterpret signals from sensors. This board can encounter glitches or more complex issues leading to misinterpreted signals. The board may translate the signals into a cry for help from falsely detecting items in the drum during the cleaningcycle. This can trigger the F07 code even with an empty drum.

4. Stuck Objects

While less likely, objects like loose buttons or coins left in the drum can obstruct sensordevices, like water level sensors or drum rotation. These stray items can mimic the presence of clothes and cause the F07 error.

5. Unbalanced Load

While less likely to cause the F07 error specifically, anunbalanced loadduring a previous washcyclecould potentially leavewet itemstrapped in thebasket(drum), triggering the sensor during the “CleanWasher”cycle.

Another issue that leads to the same impact is the improperdetergent usein high-efficiencywashers.Excess sudscan sometimes interfere with sensor readings.

How To Reset MaytagWasherF0E7 Error

Sometimes, a simple reset can do wonders Resetting your Maytagwasherclears its short-term memory and can resolve temporary glitches that might be causing the F0E7error code. This can help if thecontrol boardor any other internal electrical device is experiencing this type of glitch.

Here’s how to reset your MaytagwasherF0E7 error:

  1. If the cleaningcyclehas started, locate thepower buttonon yourwasherand turn it to the “Off” position. Unplug thewasherby disconnecting its power cord from the outlet.
  2. Leave thewasheroff for at least 3 minutes to allow any residual power to drain.
  3. Plug thewasherback in and turn it back on using thepower button.
  4. Attempt to run the “CleanWasher”cycleagain to check on the effectiveness of the solution.

How ToFixMaytagWasherF0E7 Error

While various culprits trigger the Maytag F0E7 error, you can address a few of them with some DIYfixes. Let’s explore these solutions:

1. How To FixForgotten Laundry

This is the most straightforward troubleshooting step for thiserror code. All you should do is to double-check the drum for any leftover clothes, towels,jeans, or even loose change. You can easily access the drum by opening thelid.

After fully emptying the drum, ensure thelidis closed properly during the “CleanWasher”cycle. A faultylidswitch might prevent thecyclefrom starting.

2. How To FixSensor Malfunction

A soft reset might resolve a temporary sensor glitch. Follow the steps explained in the resetting section to successfully perform it. But if resetting wasn’t a successfulfix, try thiscomprehensive approach:

  1. Unplug thewasherfrom itspower source.
  2. Find the back panel and unscrew it to access thewasher’s internals.
  3. The water level sensor is a small cylindrical component attached to the tub and has a connected electrical harness.
  4. If the sensor appears dirty or clogged, use a soft cloth or brush to gently clean it. Be careful not to damage any delicate components.
  5. Disconnect the electrical harness from the sensor. Wiggle the connector gently while pulling it apart to avoid damaging the wires.
  6. Use a multimeter to check the sensor for continuity. A lack of continuity indicates a faulty sensor.
  7. If the sensor is faulty, you will need to replace it.

3. How To FixControl BoardMiscommunication

Similar to a sensor glitch, a power reset can sometimes resolvecontrol boardminor faults. However, if this procedure fails, you should hire a professional technician to check the board andfixor replace it according to the nature of the problem.

4. Stuck Objects

This is another simplefixthat doesn’t require any DIY skills or electrical knowledge. Check for foreign objects like buttons or coins that might be lodged in the drum or obstruct the water level sensor. These sensors are typically located near the top or the bottom of thewashertub. You can check the sensor by removing the back panel. A flashlight might be helpful for better visibility.

5. How To FixUnbalanced Load&Detergent Use

Preventative measures are the best way to address these issues. For starters, ensure you don’t overload the drum. Also, double-check for properloaddistribution during regular wash cycles to avoidwet itemsgetting trapped in the drum.

As forhigh-efficiency detergentuse, follow themanufacturer’s recommendations for high-efficiencywashers. This is an efficient tactic to avoid the formation ofexcessive suds.


The F0E7 code on your Maytagwashermeans it found clothes during the “CleanWasher”cycle. Check for forgotten laundry first, as it is the main cause behind this error.

Other culprits include sensor issues,control boardproblems, rogue drum buttons, unbalancedloads, andexcess suds.

A simple reset can sometimes help. For sensor cleaning or complex problems, consult a pro.

By understanding the error, you can keep your Maytagwashersparkling clean and restore the smoothness of your laundry routine!

Want more insight into common Maytag front loader issues? Take a look at this guide onMaytag front-loadwasherproblems.

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How To Fix Maytag F0E7: 4 Solutions  (2024)
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