Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures (2024)

Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures is an ongoing, 2020 animation series by Sanrio, freely available in their offical YouTube channel "Hello Kitty and Friends". It features Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin, Badtz-Maru, Kuromi, Keroppi, Chococat, Cinnamoroll, and Pochacco in a series of fun adventures in a hometown where they live next to each other. Chococat and Cinnamoroll were introduced to the series in Season 2, while Pochacco debuted in Season 4. Additional characters are added in each new season. The show is currently in its ninth season.

Throughout each episode, Kitty and company get into various situations that could pertain to the real-world. For example, in one episode, Kitty loses a special bow that she got from her mother (who is unseen), and in two others, she hosts a competition.

The show itself is known for having an animation style nearly identical to official Sanrio artwork and, uniquely, was originally made in English rather than Japanese, making it the first animated series created for the American audience.

Each season contains 12-15 episodes at least, and new episodes are released each week from at least 7 or 8 days from each other. There are currently 8 full seasons, and season 9 is set to release on April 3rd, 2024.

Ep.Episode TitleRelease DatePlotName OriginNotesSeason 1 (2020-2021)1The Perfect GiftOctober 26, 2020Kitty White wants to buy a gift for her friend My-Melody, not realising that My-Melody was the shopkeeper.2Hello-weenOctober 28, 2020Kuromi has her birthday on Halloween.From "Halloween."This is the first time Kuromi plays a significant role, and the first appearance of Pompompurin outside of the intro to the first episode.3Birthday MessNovember 4, 2020Kitty is having her birthday today, so her friends plan a big surprise...4DIY LuckNovember 11, 2020Keroppi has a bad day until he gets a gift.DIY means "do it yourself."5PerfectionNovember 18, 2020Kitty is determined to make perfect drinks for her customers.Chococat makes his first cameo appearance.6Happy FamilyNovember 26, 2020My-Melody finds an egg on the ground, so she and Kitty team up to reunite the egg with the nest.7Happy CampersDecember 2, 2020The gang tells scary stories, but then they hear creepy noises from the background forest after Badtz-Maru tells his story... and where's Pompompurin?8The ClawDecember 9, 2020Badtz-Maru is known for his competitive nature, so he gives it a go with a crane game to get a rare prize.Cinnamoroll makes his first cameo appearance.9Hello Kitty NoirDecember 16, 2020My-Melody misplaces a planner, so she and Kitty join forces. Kitty goes detective as she searches the place.The "Noir" at the end of the title comes from noir films sometimes involving detectives, one of which Kitty becomes for this episode as she and My-Melody search for the planner.10Winter Wander-LandDecember 23, 2020Badtz-Maru and Keroppi find the perfect hill to go sledding down.11Telephone GameDecember 30, 2020Badtz-Maru causes chaos with his latest prank of lies. Kitty nearly goes bananas when the gang tells her what happened.12Mission InvisibleJanuary 8, 2021Kuromi wants to buy her favourite book, but fears that she would be seen as a laughing stock if someone sees her with it. Fortunately, the flack doesn't come.Pun on "Mission Impossible"13Kuromi's Bad DayJanuary 13, 2021Things go terribly wrong for Kuromi when she starts her day on the wrong foot.This episode is the first time the bad mood cloud appeared.14Left OutFebruary 3, 2021Kuromi and Badtz-Maru play Boulder Blast. Keroppi, feeling left out, wishes to have his own dose of the game, but things go south when Keroppi's wish transports him into the game itself, where the young frog has to fight for his life versus the boulders.To "leave someone out" is to not bring someone to an event.15Special DeliveryFebruary 10, 2021While planning an Omatsrui festival, Pompompurin and Keroppi get distracted while handing out invites, so Hello Kitty must work hard to get the party ready in time.Season 2 (2021)1Speedy SweetsApril 14, 2021Chococat is excited to hear that Kitty has set a food delivery business, but her treats keep disappearing and she doesn't know why, so he joins forces with her to help get them back.Chococat and Cinnamoroll make their debut as part of the main cast.

This is also the 1st time where Chococat says "quivering quotation marks"

2Keroppi Faces The MusicApril 22, 2021Keroppi wants to play the trombone. The problem is, he isn't very good at it...The term "face the music" means "to face the consequences."3All ThumbsApril 28, 2021My-Melody finds a thumbs down on her latest CuteTube video. Chococat is there to help, but can he and My-Melody find the culprit?This is the 2nd time where Chococat says "quivering quotation marks" (also it was at a very unexpected time)4Hello Kitty's Bake OffMay 5, 2021Pompompurin and Cinnamoroll engage in a bake-off. Who will win?5My Melody's Tea PartyMay 12, 2021My-Melody has a tea party where girls that attend have to wear fancy dresses. Kuromi is unhappy about that...6Badtz-Maru's Danger DroneMay 19, 2021Badtz-Maru tries to fly his new drone. Can Chococat keep things under control with his expertise?This is the 3rd time where Chococat says "quivering quotation marks"7ImperfectionMay 26, 2021Keroppi breaks My Melody's favorite vase and makes her cry. Hello Kitty has the idea to fix her vase.This is the first time My Melody is seen crying in the series.8Pie in the SkyJune 2, 2021Hello Kitty's Cafe holds a bake sale with a goal to sell the most treats.9Fly a KiteJune 9, 2021Everyone gathers together for a kite-flying day, where My Melody and Cinnamoroll manage to impress everyone.Cinnamoroll cannot lift My Melody's kite but he's able to fly after he wore her kite despite being too heavy.10Hello Kitty's Bow ChaseJune 16, 2021Kitty loses her bow and attempts to get it back.Not counting the introduction, this is the first time Kitty does not have her iconic bow.11Kuromi's SleepoverJune 23, 2021Kuromi holds a sleepover at her house, to which My Melody brings her favorite plushie, Berry. She feels embarrassed about her, as she feels she is too old for plushies now.12Cinnamoroll's Dance CrazeJune 30, 2021Cinnamoroll accidentally photobombs Badtz-Maru's latest CuteTok video, leading to a sudden popularity spike.13The WilteningJuly 7, 2021Hello Kitty, My Melody and Kuromi all play a VR game.14Kuromi Takes The PlungeJuly 14, 2021Kuromi is known for being a tough-as-nails tomboy, but a high slide at the water park scares her. Fortunately, she faces her fears. But then Keroppi develops his own fear of Splashdown Zoom...15Dynamic DerbyJuly 21, 2021Chococat tries to find the perfect car for the race.This is the 4th time where Chococat says "quivering quotation marks"Season 3 (2021)1My Melody’s Friendship Ultra Blast!August 25, 2021It's International Friendship Day, and My Melody hosts a gathering in celebration. She realizes she needs to set boundaries, but goes a bit overboard doing so.This is the first episode where the characters are shown in the credits sequence and Kitty White is shown animated talking to the audience in the stinger.2My Melody’s WishSeptember 1, 2021The Tanabata festival is about to happen in Sanrio Town, and My Melody's wishes appear to come true in front of her eyes!3Keroppi’s Mini Mart MadnessSeptember 8, 2021Everyone goes crazy for mystery boxes at Keroppi's minimart.4Happy Napgus, Pompompurin!September 15, 2021Pompompurin is known for his long sleep, so much that a holiday was made in his honour: Napgus. Can Pompompurin beat his previous record?5Hello Kitty’s Apple Pie SurpriseSeptember 22, 2021In honor of the Apple Day Parade, Hello Kitty tries to make the biggest apple pie ever.6Badtz-maru’s Manga ManiaSeptember 29, 2021Badtz-maru procrastinates on his manga, but then plays a game which appears to grant wishes, which gives him inspiration.7Hello Kitty’s Gameshow ShowdownOctober 6, 2021Kitty hosts her own game show.8Badtz-maru's Sweet BeatsOctober 13, 2021Badtz-maru challenges anyone to beat his score in the game "Sweet Beats." Cinnamoroll proves to be an unexpected challenger!9Kuromi's Perfect PumpkinOctober 20, 2021Kuromi and Hello Kitty stumble upon a very large pumpkin.10My Melody's Mystery TrainOctober 27, 2021My Melody hosts a "Mystery Train Dinner" involving the theft of an important cupcake recipe.This is the 5th time where Chococat says "quivering quotation marks"11Kuromi's Night of the Living DessertsOctober 31, 2021Kuromi, Badtz-Maru, and Pompompurin spend their Halloween playing a fictional tabletop role-playing game, and their enemies are... living candy!?Pun on Night of the Living DeadThe scene where Kuromi tries to fight the monsters by transforming her vehicle into a gun is a reference to Scarface with her "Say hello to my little friend!" line. The game is also similar to Dungeons & Dragons, where she and the other players have to roll a d20 dice to determine whether their attacks hit or miss.12Lost & FoundNovember 3, 2021Pompompurin takes the other boys in his food truck, but the boys get lost during their trip when Pompompurin's truck breaks down.13Flowers for ChococatNovember 10, 2021Seeing Chococat stop by, My-Melody lets him join in with planting flowers. This gets out of hand with Chococat trying to plant flowers everywhere.This is the 6th time where Chococat says "quivering quotation marks"14Keroppi's World RecordNovember 17, 2021Keroppi attempts to achieve a world record with Badtz-maru's help.15Rainy Day AdventureNovember 24, 2021Sanrio Town gets hit by a rainstorm, so the town is forced to stay indoors. Hello Kitty and friends manage to make the day entertaining regardless.Chococat here says his "quivering quotation marks" line differently by instead saying "quivering marks of quotation"Happy Holidays with Hello Kitty and Friends! (2021)1My Melody's Plush OneDecember 29, 2021My Melody finds a toy in the woods.2Hello Kitty's Mochi QuestDecember 14, 2021Kitty and her friends look for New Year mochi.Season 4 (2022)1Pochacco’s GoalsJanuary 5, 2022Pochacco teaches his friends how to play soccer. Can Cinnamoroll overcome his apprehension and play properly?Pochacco makes his debut as a main character here.2My Melody's Mer-AdventureJanuary 12, 2022The gang goes underwater where Kitty, My-Melody, and Kuromi become mermaids when My-Melody is celebrating her birthday at the beach."Mer-Adventure" is derived from "mermaid."3Adventures in Pochi-SittingJanuary 19, 2022Hello Kitty petsits Pochi, Badtz-Maru's pet gator.Pun on Adventures in Babysitting4Chococat's Mini-Golf Trick ShotJanuary 26, 2022Chococat scores an impressive trick shot in a mini-golf game, which everyone wants him to recreate.5My Faire Badtz-maruFebruary 2, 2023The Renaissance Faire is held in Sanrio Town, with everyone competing for the Holy Grail prize.6Kuromi’s Sweet ValentineFebruary 9, 2022Sugar Sweethearts Forever: The Motion Picture is premiering in Sanrio Town, and Kuromi wants to be first in line to see it.7Give Pompompurin a Break!February 16, 2022Undokai Sports Day is held in Sanrio Town, and Pompompurin is training his hardest for the bread race.8My Melody’s Relax-a-thonFebruary 23, 2022The first annual "Relax-a-Thon" in held in Sanrio Town, but My Melody is having a hard time.9Hello Kitty’s OverdueMarch 2, 2022Kitty needs to return an overdue library book, but an obstacle course separates her from the library. Can she overcome everything in her way to return it?Something "overdue" had to be submitted sometime earlier than the time at the moment.10Kuromi’s Girls’ Day Toy HuntMarch 9, 2023Kuromi looks for a certain kids meal toy for My Melody's Girls' Day display.11Kuromi’s Ghost AdventureMarch 16, 2023The gang investigates a mysterious ghost.This is the 7th time where Chococat says "quivering quotation marks"12Pochacco’s Super Fun RunMarch 23, 2022As Pochacco prepares for a race, a magical fish appears to grant him a wish.13Missing April Fool’s DayMarch 30, 2022Badtz-maru's birthday is on April Fool's Day, but it looks like the joke's on him this time.Season 5 (2022)12Chococat’s Dig AdventureJune 1, 2022June 8, 2022Upon his discovery of a medallion, Chococat tells the tale of a prince who wanted to find the medallion. But did Chococat really find a medallion, or did he find an impostor...?"Dig Adventure" comes from "big adventure," with the replacement of B with D coming from the verb "to dig."This is the series' first multi-part episode.

This is also the 8th time where Chococat says "quivering quotation marks" (was said in part 1)

3Kuromi’s Escape RoomJune 15, 2022Kuromi and My Melody get trapped in Kuromi's shop.4Keroppi’s Friday the 13thJune 22, 2022Keroppi gets stressed due to it being Friday the 13th.5Pochacco and the Blue RibbonJune 29, 2022Pochacco injures himself while preparing for a skateboarding competition, so Hello Kitty enters in his place.6Cinnamoroll Sweetness!July 6, 2022Everyone goes crazy for Cinnamoroll after Cinnamoroll Cinnamon Rolls launch at the cafe.7Hello KeroppiJuly 20, 2022Keroppi finds his wish to be more dependable going wrong when he and Kitty switch bodies.The franchise's name and Keroppi's name.This is the only time in the Hello Kitty franchise where two characters switch bodies.8Bite Sized Badtz-maruWhen Chococat reveals his shrink ray, Badtz-Maru gets shrunken to a tiny fraction of his usual size.9Kuromi’s FunhouseJuly 27, 2022Kuromi and My Melody help fix up a funhouse, but find their design ideas clash with each other.10Hello Kitty’s Kind CapsuleAugust 3, 2022Hello Kitty and Keroppi prepare a "Kind Capsule" for their friends to find in a scavenger hunt.11My Melody’s Tiny GiftsAugust 10, 2023My Melody discovers that all of her new merchandise is much smaller in size than expected...12Pompompurin’s Road TripAugust 17, 2023Pompompurin takes his friends to the mountain for Mountain Day in his food truck, but problems arise on the way...13Kuromi’s Arcade AnticsAugust 24, 2022The XO Arcade hosts a 24-hour gaming tourney, and Badtz-maru is determined to win alongside his friends.14Chococat vs. GravityAugust 31, 2022Chococat uses a gravity-defying device to help with the construction of his house of cards.Chococat actually could not do the things he did in previous episodes for example in Season 4 episode 1 he can be seen kicking the ball just fine but then in this episode he was unable to do it.15Hello Kitty's Ramen Round-upSetepmber 7, 2022Chococat's delivery machine backfires.This is the 9th time where Chococat says "quivering quotation marks"161718Kuromi’s Super Spooky SpecialOctober 12, 2022October 19, 2022October 26, 2022Kuromi learns of mysterious lights in the sky thanks to her favorite TV show, so she starts her own live show called "Kuromi Explains it All" to discover the origin of these lights...Season 6 (2023)123My Melody's Bad DayJanuary 18, 2023January 25, 2023February 1, 2023My-Melody starts her day on the wrong foot for a change.This is the second appearance of the Bad Mood Cloud.456Hello Kitty and the


February 8, 2023February 15, 2023February 22, 2023Kitty and her friends find a giant beanstalk and climb up to see what's up there.Name origin: This episode trilogy comes from Jack and the Beanstalk.789Hello Kitty in "Back to my Friends"March 1, 2023March 8, 2023March 15th, 2023Kitty, My-Melody, and Kuromi get sent to the past by Chococat's time machine.This episode trilogy is a parody of Back to the Future.Chococat says "quivering quotation marks" twice (in part 1) thus making the 10th time and 11th time he said it101112Keroppi TownMarch 22, 2023March 29, 2023March 31, 2023Keroppi wishes that things would be centered around his theming, turning nearly everything green and bouncy...Season 7 (2023)1Cinnamorollin' with the CrewMay 17, 2023Cinnamoroll needs to practice for his part after Badtz-Maru and Kuromi enlist Cinnamoroll & Pochacco's help in a dance competition.2Kuromi's Internet Auction MysteryMay 24, 2023Kuromi is certain that someone was trying to steal something that Keroppi placed a bid on when a new bid places their bid just seconds after his comes in, so she and Chococat team up to find the "thief." Little do they know that the so-called "thief" was getting the prize as a gift for Keroppi...3Keroppi's Lock-In!May 31, 2023Keroppi accidentally traps his friends in his mini-mart.4Jinx!June 7, 2023My Melody jinxes Kuromi.5Kuromi in "Beware the Night Librarian"June 14, 2023Kuromi notices that more tasks need to be done when the gang helps at the library, so she becomes the "night librarian," making sure that all library duties are being taken of properly.67Hello Kitty, Hello SummerJune 21, 2023,June 28, 2023Hello Kitty's roller skate party is around the corner, but Badtz-maru needs practice.89Keroppi's Snail SurpriseJune 29, 2023,July 12, 2023Keroppi's snail friends go missing, while Kuromi also loses her bike.101112International Friendship DayJuly 19, 2023July 26, 2023August 2, 2023Hello Kitty and Friends attempt a world record for the largest friendship bracelet for International Friendship Day.1314Kuromi's Conspiracy CruiseAugust 9, 2023,August 16, 2023Kuromi hosts a "Conspiracy Cruise" filled with surprises!Season 8 (2023)1The Kuromi & My Melody Fall BallSeptember 20, 2023Kuromi has to plan the Fall Ball while My Melody is off.This is the first episode where Dear Daniel speaks.2Badtz-maru Artist Alley AdventuresSeptember 27, 2023Badtz-maru prepares to show off his new comic at the Sanrio Street Con Artist Alley, but his confidence is drained after seeing Kuromi's booth next to his.34Kuromi's K-Pop DropOctober 4, 2023,October 11, 2023Kuromi introduces Kitty and My Melody to her favorite K-pop group, and invites them to a concert. She also wants Badtz-maru and Keroppi to go, but they don't seem interested.5Kuromi's Pumpkin PowerOctober 18, 2023Kuromi is challenged by Badtz-Maru to make everything pumpkin for a day.6Kuuromi's Midnight RideOctober 26, 2023Kuromi is jealous that the shopping mall has a bigger funhouse than hers, so she decides to resort to magic to steal the show.This is the second episode where Dear Daniel speaks.7Hello Kitty Boba BirthdayNovember 1, 2023Badtz-maru makes Kitty a special boba drink for her birthday.8Captain Keroppi’s Kindness MachineNovember 8, 2023Keroppi becomes the superhero "Captain Kindness" and tries to do good deeds, which only leads to confusion.This is the third episode where Dear Daniel speaks.910Kuromi's Movie MadnessNovember 15, 2023,November 22, 2023Badtz-maru, Kuromi and My Melody get sucked into a movie thanks to Chococat's newest invention.1112New KeroppiNovember 29, 2023,December 6, 2023Keroppi finds he has a very busy schedule, so he wishes there were two of him. Chococat decides to help by building a robot double of him, but it soon leads to disaster.1314Hello Kitty Holiday Cookie SwapDecember 13, 2023,December 20, 2023The Holiday Cookie Swap is coming up, but Chococat doesn't know how to bake! Kitty must help him out before the big day.15My Melody's Snow DayDecember 27, 2023No snow has fallen in Sanrio Town, andMy Melody is wishing for a snow day, so her friends try to cheer her up.Season 9 20241When Hello Kitty and My Melody MetApril 3, 2024It's the day of the anniversary of Hello Kitty and My Melody first meeting.This is the first episode to mainly be told through a flashback.2 3Hello Kitty's Earth Day DisarrayApril 10, 2024April 17, 2024It's Earth Day and Hello Kitty wants to clean a clearing of trash, but Keroppi and Badtz-Maru want to play instead.4Pompompurin’s Birthday Kick-OffApril 24th, 2024Pompompurin wants to celebrate his birthday with a new pair of exclusive sneakers! Will he get them before they sell out?5Cinnamoroll's Bad DayMay 1, 2024Cinnamoroll woke up with a blue mood cloud above him! Will he be able to shake the blue mood cloud away by himself or will he need his friends’ help?This is the third time the bad mood cloud appeared in the series.6Hello Kitty’s Picture Hunt SurpriseMay 8, 2024It’s Dear Daniel's birthday and Hello Kitty and Friends are trying to think of the perfect gift. Will they be able to surprise their friend with a fun gift?This is the fourth episode where Dear Daniel speaks.7A Super New My Melody MoonMay 15, 2024Hello Kitty and Kuromi invite My Melody to watch the supermoon in the park with them! Will the supermoon be super cute as My Melody is hoping?8Kuromi's Splashdown Doom?May 22, 2024Badtz-maru and Kuromi are competing for bragging rights on all games in Sanrio town. From playing games in the arcade to performing tricks on the half pipe, who will reign supreme?9Hello Kitty's Best Friend Dinner PartyMay 29, 2024Pompompurin, My Melody and Kuromi all invite Hello Kitty to their Best Friends dinner parties! Hello Kitty can’t decide which one to go to.10Kuromi’s Fancy PantsJune 5, 2024Kuromi tailors a supercute pair of pants that she calls “Fancy Pants”. Now she needs to find a friend to model them!11Hello Kitty's Incredible RaceJune 12, 2024It’s a race to the finish line as Kuromi, My Melody, Badtz-maru, and Keroppi compete on Hello Kitty’s Incredible Race.Name origin: The amazing race (the title might not speak for itself but there were references in the episode)12Cinnamoroll's Flight SchoolJune 19, 2024Pompompurin is curious how it feels to fly like Cinnamoroll. Cinnamoroll hears this and takes it upon himself to teach Pompompurin to fly. Will Pompompurin be soaring above the clouds just like Cinnamoroll?13Kuromi's Burger RescueJune 26, 2025OH NO! Kuromi is stuck on a giant balloon while filming her latest episode of “Kuromi Explains It All”. Badtz-maru and Keroppi leap into action to help a friend in need. Will they be able to save the day and get their friend to safety?This is the first time the intro is interrupted, and the fifth episode where Dear Daniel speaks.14Hello Kitty's Summer Camp AdventureJuly 3rd, 2024It’s Summer, and Hello Kitty and friends are getting ready for summer camp. Keroppi starts feeling a bit homesick. Will this ruin his summer camp adventures?

Kitty is cheerful, nice, and always helps out her friends when they need her. Whenever they need assistance or advice, her friends go to her. She owns a café in the series. Her best friend is My Melody.

My Melody is always happy and likes to spread her positivity to all her friends, although she can feel insecure at times. She owns a shop called Small Gifts Big Smile. However, she seems to be highly attentive to detail and very organized as she can't stand messes, sometimes being somewhat of an inconvenience. Her best friend is Hello Kitty and Kuromi.

Keroppi is a good natured and optimistic frog who can be a bit forgetful. Keroppi can also be very clumsy at times. His best friends are Badtz-Maru and Kuromi.

Badtz-Maru is a fairly laid-back penguin who likes riding skateboards and playing video games. He wants to prove to everyone he's so cool. He owns an arcade by the name of XO Arcade. His best friends are Keroppi and Kuromi (whom he has a crush on).

Kuromi, the rival of My Melody, likes to act tough and cool but is secretly very girly. Her best friends are Badtz-Maru (who she has a crush on), My Melody and Keroppi.

Pompompurin is a warm-hearted dog who likes to sleep and eat a lot. He owns an ice cream truck.

Chococat is a very intelligent cat with radio antenna-like whiskers that will alert him about something. He will always help out his friends with anything that requires smart thinking. More often than not, any event that interests Chococat is going to make him say, "Quivering quotation marks!"

Cinnamoroll is a very sweet and cute, yet shy dog who always wants to help out his friends when they need it.

Pochacco is a very sporty and playful dog who is very active in playing sports. He always wants to play with his friends.

Other Sanrio characters have cameo appearances and at least some of them have spoken throughout the episodes.

Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures (2024)
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