Bingo Guide for May 2024 (2024)

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Most Useful

Bingo Brewers Discord (Free God Splashes)
The Bingo Brewers Mod has received an update adding Crystal Hollows Crowdsourced Loot, in addition to the existing ingame splash pings.

Overall Bingo Difficulty: Easy (2/5)

All Goals​

Row #1​





Loot 250M Coins through the Scavenger EnchantmentA Dreadlord Sword will come with Scavenger 5 on it, kill Endermen or Spiders with it for Scavenger coins.Reforge Ender Armor to Wise for mana.

Lapis Warrior

Wear 4 pieces of the Lapis Armor Set.Kill Lapis Zombies.Use Looting 3 and Luck 5 for better chances of dropping the armor.

An Axe To Grind

Put 10 Enchantments on a Raider Axe.Level up skills or use relics to get the coins to buy a Raider Axe. Enchant it using EXP from Grand XP Bottles you mine for in The End.Save up 500k Coin for Meiser before purchasing an axe.

Rock Solid

Equip a Common or higher tiered Rock Pet.Mine Cobble, Mithril, and Diamonds (Diamond Spreading) in the Dwarven Mines.None

Divan's Chance

Place all 5 crystals in the Nucleus in the Crystal Hollows.Use Wishing Compasses to find structures.
Topaz Crystal - Despawn Bal by unloading the chunks before claiming the crystal.
Amethyst Crystal - Find a Key Guardian and kill it for a key.
Amber Crystal - Find 3 Goblin Eggs in chests using the Bingo Brewers Mod.
Jade Crystal - Self-explanatory.
Sapphire Crystal - Use the Bingo Brewers Mod to locate Robot Parts.
Suffocate Key Guardians by placing a layer of hardstone over their spawn area before killing them with looting.

Row #2​




Now We're In Business

Craft a Diamond Spreading.Mine diamonds in the Mines of Divan. Plant a Jungle Tree on your island with saplings and bonemeal, use shears to mine the vines.None

Essence Of Dragons

Collect 1M Dragon Essence.Sacrifice Ender Armor to the Draconic Altar.None

Dwarves Defender

Kill 25 Goblins during a Goblin Raid in the Dwarven Mines.Self-ExplanatoryKilling Goblins in the Goblin Holdout, while a Goblin Raid is active elsewhere, will count.

High Score!

Obtain a score of 230 or higher on Floor 1 of Catacombs.Get carried or grind dungeons until you can do this with party finder.None

Podium Position

Obtain a Silver or higher Medal in Jacob's Farming Contest.Use a Silk Touch axe in the Mushroom Desert.You need to obtain a Silver Medal by finishing in the Silver bracket, not combining medals.

Row #3​




Raw Fish Collector

Reach 18,000 Raw Fish Collection.Use 10 T4+ Fishing Minions with fuel and Medium Storage.You can buy fish from the Fish Merchant to craft minions after unlocking the recipe.

New Savings

Craft a Piggy Bank.Place 5 T1 Pig Minions with Fuel.None


Collect 100k Pelts.Self-ExplanatoryUse the /warp trapper warp to your advantage.
Use an Artisanal Shortbow to kill mobs from a distance.

Ultimate Enchanter

Obtain an Ultimate Enchanted Book.When you complete a Floor 1 Run for High Score! claim a chest with an Ultimate Enchantment in it.Save up coins to 500k for Meiser before purchasing a chest if possible.


Equip 7 unique Accessories.Buy all 6 from the Adventurer and craft the Farming Talisman.None

Row #4​





Visit 7 different public islands.PassiveNone


Obtain a Mathematical Hoe Blueprint.Utilize your garden to get bronze medals. You can also get silver medals from the Mushroom contests in the Mushroom Desert.Bronze is possible in the following as well:
  • Carrot
  • Potato
  • Sugar Cane
  • Cactus (Mushroom Desert with Smelting Touch)
  • Mushroom (Mushroom Desert with Silk Touch)


Reach 100% ☠ Crit Damage.Hold your Raider Axe enchanted with Critical and have a splash active.None

Agricultural Revolution

Break 150M Crop Blocks.Farm Sugar Cane in the Garden.None

Collecting Data

Reach Bestiary Milestone 5.Self-ExplanatorySpiders in the Arachne's Burrow will give a lot of bestiary.

Row #5​





Kill 5,000 mobs.Kill spiders in the Arachne's Burrow.None


Store 500,000 Coins in your Bank.Save up coins before you buy a Raider Axe and purchase a dungeon chest for an Ultimate Enchantment.None


Wear 4 pieces of the Angler Armor Set.Craft Angler Armor using fish from your Fishing Minions.None


Obtain level 18 in the Alchemy Skill.Farm Sugar Cane on the Garden and craft Enchanted Sugar Cane to brew with.Make sure you level up your Bingo Pet and have a splash active for Alchemy XP boost.
This will also help with Agricultural Revolution.

Goblin Slayer

Kill 2M Goblins.Self-ExplanatoryUse Melee or Magic gear to kill goblins in condensed areas.


Overall Bingo Difficulty: Easy (2/5)

Step-by-Step for the Start​

Once bingo opens lobby hop until you can create a profile.
/hub immediately and go to the designated hub in splashes for a splash.
Equip your Bingo Pet and begin farming wheat, sell an inventory of wheat for quick coins and buy a sword.
Go to the Spider's Den and get the 3 easy relics (-142, 82, -340/-201, 83, -352/-341, 122, -252).
Unlock The End and Dwarven Mines.
Unlock minions and place for collections.
Grind 500k Coins using Skill Level Ups.
Unlock dungeons and complete a High Score!
Craft a Raider Axe and enchant it.
The Crystal Hollows are required so do your daily commissions.

Recommended Minions​

Recommended Minion Slots: 10

Use a few Pig Minions (4) to craft a Piggy Bank in ~1 day.
Use 10 Fishing Minions with fuel to complete 18,000 Fish Collection in ~4 days.

Additional Information

Do your daily commissions until HOTM 3.
Remember to unlock the Mining Speed perk at HOTM 1.
Use Better Together (500 mining speed) and Gone With The Wind (300-600 mining speed) to your advantage.
You can get coins from doing relics in spider den. (Max 310,000)
Mine sand to reach mining XII for the Dwarven Mines.
Put #BingoBrewers after our splashes!

Guide by Indigo_Polecat
Website by XessDx

Bingo Guide for May 2024 (2024)
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