Benefits of AAA Tire Changes & Roadside Assistance | AAA Central Penn (2024)

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Benefits of AAA Tire Changes & Roadside Assistance | AAA Central Penn (1)

Imagine driving through town or along the highway, and one of your tires suddenly bursts. You keep control of your vehicle and pull over to a safe area, but what’s the next step in fixing the situation? Even though a tire blowout can happen anytime and anywhere, AAA Roadside Assistance Services are open 24/7 to get you back on the road and keep you safe.

When you need a tire change or other amenities, AAA Central Penn is a reliable friend who’s there, no matter what. Through the rain, sun, snow and sleet, our technicians are available to give you peace of mind. We are more than a legendary roadside service — our perks go above and beyond the average auto insurance plan to provide you with a sense of security and maximum support.

How to Get Roadside Assistance From AAA

As a leader in roadside provisions, AAA flat tire services can re-inflate your tire, install a spare or tow your vehicle, depending on the situation. If you don’t have a spare tire, we will tow you to a preferred mechanic or to the nearest auto repair shop. We can even transport your car if your tire demands patch or plug work.

If you’re looking to invest in a AAA Roadside Assistance membership, you can partner with us through one of our car insurance policies, or you can pair one of our roadside assistance packages with your current insurance provider.

Start with oursimple membership process— the sooner you join, the faster you can take advantage of our incredible benefits.

Begin the process bychoosing a membership levelthat fits your needs:

  1. Classic:The Classic Membership is our most affordable rate, starting at $59* per year. The service includes flat tire support, towing, emergency fuel delivery, bicycle coverage and free ID theft monitoring. Our extrication service includes one truck, and our Automobile Accident Protection covers up to $200*.
  2. Plus:Our middle-rate option is $89* per year with an extrication service that covers up to two drivers and trucks. It also includes flat tire support, towing, emergency gas at no charge, bicycle coverage, free ID theft monitoring and Automobile Accident Protection up to $600*. You can also add RV and motorcycle coverage to your plan.
  3. Premier:Our$124* per year Premier Membership is our top rate that includesflat tire AAA support, home lockout benefits, bicycle coverage, free ID theft monitoring, free emergency gas, a vehicle return benefit up to $500*, towing and concierge services. The service covers up to two drivers and trucks, along with Automobile Accident Protection worth $1,500*. You pay $124/year* for Premium.

Whether your vehicle is having issues with its tires or you need other assistance, our AAA flat tire service and other conveniences are ready when you need us the most.

Benefits of AAA Tire Changes & Roadside Assistance | AAA Central Penn (2)

What Is Covered Under AAA Roadside Assistance?

When you become a AAA member, you gain access to our network of emergency vehicles and free roadside assistance. Plus, your membership travels with you, not your vehicle. So, when you’re driving a friend’s car or riding with a family member, AAA will service any event under your membership.

Our experts provide more than roadside assistance by rendering additional advantages, such as:

  • AAA travel
  • Battery service
  • Discounts and rewards
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Financial services
  • Life, pet and home insurance
  • Lockout help
  • Notary services
  • PennDOT support
  • Tire assist

AAA offers travel packages that save you time and money to cut the challenges of planning a vacation. If you need battery services, we will come to your location and test the unit to see if it needs replacing. If you have a dead battery on your hands, we can reinstall a new one on the spot to keep you moving.

As a member, you can also collect special discounts at hotel chains, restaurants and stores when you present your AAA membership card. AAA emergency fuel delivery gets you to the nearest gas station when you’ve run low, and we also help during lockout situations. AAA will send a technician or locksmith to help access your vehicle with ease.

In the case of a tire blowout, you should pull to the side of the road, if possible. Contact AAA as soon as possible, so we can tow you home or to another preferred location, such as a mechanic. We can also install a spare or inflate the tire if no damage is done and your car can still drive.

AAA Roadside Assistance supports you on almost every level, whether you require new rubber or need help retrieving your keys. You can trust us to assist you whenever and wherever you find yourself.

When you demand 24/7 assistance, you can call our AAA Roadside Assistance number, go online or request help through our mobile app.

How Far Will AAA Tow My Car for Free?

AAA prides itself on offering you various membership levels to accommodate your different needs. Each tier delivers basic forms of support with additional features as your membership level increases. The type of membership you select will dictate how far our trucks can tow you at no charge. For example:

  • AAA Classic:5 miles
  • AAA Plus:100 miles
  • AAA Premier:One tow up to 200 miles and three tows up to 100 miles

Our towing services will cover you in both the United States and Canada. You have up to four roadside assistance service calls per year, as well as free tires changes.

While our services are intended for roadside assistance, we extend our support by helping you get to where you need — whether it be home or a repair shop.

The Classic membership’s towing mileage is great if you’re close to a mechanic who can start repairing your vehicle’s tires or its other issues. If you choose the AAA Plus membership, we can tow your inoperable vehicle up to 100 miles. The service and distance are especially convenient if you don’t want to transport a classic car without racking up its miles.

Finally, the Premier option is where you get the most out of your towing mileage. You can rely on AAA to tow you up to 200 miles, which is ideal if you’re broken down far from home or you’re moving. Once you use the initial 200-mile trip, you can rely on our three other 100-mile towing service calls.

Request a Roadside Assistant or Towing Expert

AAA Central Penn serves areas throughout Central Pennsylvania including, Adams, Dauphin, Juniata, Lancaster and Perry County. When your vehicle is experiencing tire issues or another problem, our experts will make you feel at ease with our reliable and trusted roadside assistance services. We care about your situation and work hard to deliver fast solutions to keep you safe and on the move.

Requesting AAA Roadside Assistance from AAA Central Penn is simple. You canrequest roadside assistance online, through the phone at1-800-AAA-HELP or by using our mobile app.

*The prices stated in this post are current as of the time of publication.

Benefits of AAA Tire Changes & Roadside Assistance | AAA Central Penn (3)

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Benefits of AAA Tire Changes & Roadside Assistance | AAA Central Penn (2024)


Benefits of AAA Tire Changes & Roadside Assistance | AAA Central Penn? ›

Q. What Does AAA Roadside Assistance Cover? All plans include varying levels of coverage for services such as towing, emergency gasoline delivery, flat tire repairs, vehicle extrication and automobile accident coverage.

Will AAA put air in my tire? ›

Can AAA put air in tires? Your AAA Membership covers you in the event your tire needs air. If air does not solve the issue, we can install a spare tire. If a spare is not available, AAA can tow your vehicle to a repair location of your choice.

How often should I replace my AAA tires? ›

AAA maintains that tires should be replaced once the tread depth reaches 4/32nds of an inch, which is when stopping distances have already begun to deteriorate significantly. Seeing the top of Washington's head means it's time for new tires.

What is the farthest AAA will tow? ›

Here are the coverage details on AAA roadside assistance services: Towing: The Basic plan covers free towing to the responding tow truck's station, to a AAA-owned Car Care facility within 10 miles or to another facility within three miles. The Plus plan covers 100-mile tows and Premier adds one 200-mile tow.

What does AAA do? ›

Established in 1902 by nine motor clubs with fewer than 1,500 members, today AAA provides more than 61 million members with automotive, travel, insurance and financial services through its federation of 32 motor clubs and more than 1,000 branch offices across North America.

Do you tip AAA for changing tire? ›

Should I tip the AAA tow truck driver? Up to you. Tipping roadside assistance drivers isn't necessary.

How long does it take to change a tire? ›

How Long Does Tire Installation Take? If you are changing all four tires, the installation will take between 45 minutes to an hour. This will vary based on the experience of your mechanic, the quality of the tires, how well the tires balance, etc. Installing a single tire takes about 10-15 minutes.

Why is AAA so expensive? ›

AAA is so expensive because car insurance is expensive in general, due to rising costs for insurers. But at $529 per year, the average AAA car insurance policy is actually cheaper than coverage from most competitors. In fact, AAA is one of the cheapest car insurance companies nationally.

What is the difference between AAA and AAA Plus? ›

AAA Plus Membership offers world-class roadside assistance, discounts, travel benefits and other perks. You'll get all the same services you receive as a Classic member, plus additional benefits like: Up to 100 miles of free towing (4x per year). Free fuel delivery service, which covers the cost of fuel and delivery.

How many toes do you get with AAA Premier? ›

With AAA Premier, each member is entitled to one (1) tow of up to 200 driving miles from the point of breakdown. This 200 mile tow is one of the six allowable service calls per Premier membership year. The other five calls can be up to 100 driving miles from the point of breakdown.

What is the best AAA membership to buy? ›

AAA Premier

Offers the highest level of service. For just $124.99 per year, Premier Members have access to all AAA benefits, including trip interruption coverage, travel accident insurance, and a free one-day rental car with every tow.

Who owns AAA roadside assistance? ›

No one owns AAA, since it is a non-profit federation of auto clubs that also act as insurance agencies. As a result, AAA is not owned by a parent company or by shareholders who purchase its stock, unlike most insurance companies.

Can my wife use my AAA card? ›

Yes, but additional family members must each be enrolled as an Associate on your AAA Membership account. Primary Membership - The Primary Member is the first person in the household to join AAA. Membership includes roadside assistance and all other AAA services and benefits.

Can you call AAA for roadside assistance? ›

Can someone come out to change a tire? ›

Flat tires are among the most common roadside assistance calls. A professional can come to fix your flat tire at no cost to you when you have this coverage and a spare tire, or only the price of a spare tire if they need to bring one.

How far can I drive on a flat tire? ›

Only run flat tires should be driven on with no air as this type of tyres is specifically designed to remain functional with zero air pressure. This means that if you get a flat tire, you can continue driving for about 50 miles, which should be enough to get you to the auto shop or garage.

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